As you might expect, developing and producing this series has been a labor of love for everyone on our team. We've relied on the generosity of friends, neighbors, colleagues, our profile athletes and their families. All have donated time, resources, dedication, and tremendous passion because they believe in what we are hoping to achieve with She's Got Grit.

We want to showcase the array of incredible women athletes with disabilities. There is an astounding pool of althletic talent in the United States and around the world that deserves to be seen, their stories to be told. We want to break barriers and stereotypes about disability in sport and in life.

But, we need YOU! Let's work together to promote more human and realistic female role models in the media. Help us give these women a platform!

While we've captured most of the footage for our first ten digital episodes, we still have some remaining filming for these episodes. And, we have post-production to complete for episodes four through ten.

With your support, our team has the experience and passion to make She's Got Grit a success.The impact that we can make is real. We can impact the perception of female athletes in the media. We can influence real change in the way that disability is perceived in our culture.

While we've been working on the first batch of episodes, we've also been collaborating with our production partner, Spark Media, to recruit top female athletes who are headed to the Paralympics in 2016 for future episode profiles. 

Ultimately, we'd like to make She's Got Grit an on-going series with longer episodes. This will require that we secure corporate, association, and distribution partnerships. We're in it, to win it. And we hope that you'll help us get there!